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    Here we go again our favorite time of the year. The Holiday shopping frenzy is just around the corner and we challenge everyone to  do something different this year  for people you care about and want them safe all year. Skip the run of the mill mundane tin of popcorn or 10 Lb salami. The talking fish or whatever the latest gadget craze is nice for a few days but will end up in a garage sale eventually. We offer practical gift solutions the can be used 365 days a year for many years. Our stun guns have a lifetime replacement guarantee. Some of our products are also very practical to keep you safe while shopping in public .Don't be that guy returning that 10LB salami because you got 3 of  them. Gift the gift of safety this year


    We have a special promo code for gunshow customers but we have been too busy lately to do a show so we are offering it to everyone. Take $10 off a purchase of $50 or more site wide. Also free shipping on a purchases of $50 or more. This goes until the end of the year or until we go out of business from giving out such a good deal. Use promo code - gunshow10


    Anyone familiar with the James Bond series remembers when he gets briefed  by "Q"on all his high tech weapons and gadgets. I don't remember a non lethal option but that was a long time ago.This would be my choice for that option and is the featured product in focus. The Mace Pepper spray gun, an advanced self defense system with the following features:

    MACE PEPPER GUN Uses Advanced Delivery System utilizing Bag-in-a-Can™ Technology. This new system allows the pepper spray to spray like an aerosol in a continuous fashion from any angle, even when Pepper Gun is held upside down.rigger Activated LED Light allows for better aim and temporarily disorients intruder. Features: • Fires up to 25 feet • OC cartridge contains up to 7 25-foot blasts • Pepper Gun comes with with water test cartridge • Trigger Activated LED Light • Allows for better aim • Temporarily disorients intruder Includes: • Pepper Gun dispenser One 28 gram OC cartridge • One Water test cartridge • Batteries (for LED light)

    Eat your heart out Bond. Stay safe out there.




    I want to share something since it has become a rather common theme and even more so after doing a gun show. While talking to a person who stops to look at some non lethal self defense options, its inevitable that a customer will sometimes say " If Im threatened I will pull out my gun and just shoot them." This makes me want to say ," wait a minute there cowboy, so your one and only option is to pull out a firearm?" Lets step back and think about this for a minute.  Suppose having no type of self defense weapon is 0 and having a firearm and shooting is 100. In theory your response is to go 0 to 100 each and every threat when there are more options available , personal alarms, pepper sprays, stun guns etc. that would bridge this enormous gap.I guess we are in the days of digital and personal self defense has become binary. Personally I believe to meet threats with the appropriate level of defense which is measured but effective. The old west may be romanticized but getting shot  over a poker game dispute does not appeal to me. #safeawareprepared



    Lets face it , every household has some sort of a "stash" for certain items.Some are for individuals and some are for family. The family stash would maybe consist of petty cash or sets of keys for whatever purpose. The individual stash may be some cash, jewelry or maybe even little love notes. When I came across the book diversion safe I thought just what a clever idea. The cell phone diversion safe if it existed , not so much. Not many thefts reported from peoples personal book collections from my knowledge. You might face the problem of the "bookworm" wanting to read your collection and you would say, " you can borrow anything  on the shelf but that one.Stay safe out there.


    This post is really not related to self defense but there was a story recently of a man getting removed from a plane by a stun gun most likely a taser.A side thought occurred because whenever I show a stun gun to someone unfamiliar  with them (usually male) their first thought is to  want and test it out on one another to see if it really works. I usually just say trust me they work and watch a U-tube video and spare  yourself the pain and suffering. Just watch an episode of reality police shows and most likely at least one person will be tased eventually displaying the true effectiveness of this weapon. There seems to be something persuasive about stun guns and thats enough evidence for me to have full trust that they will meet the challenge in a situation requiring non lethal self defense.Stay safe out there.


    When I first decided to open a store, my first decision was what product to sell. It was not simply a matter of what sells the most since I have a sincere belief in helping people better themselves or fulfilling a need of the customer in one way or another. Cupcakes and donuts are all the rage today  but I don't eat them since I am anti sugar and steer clear of such foods and they will not help people live a better life in the long run. I have been a buyer and  believer of personal self defense most of my life and these products just made sense to me for a business with a righteous purpose other than money. I also have a good feeling at the end of the day knowing my products may have helped my customer stay safe  and not contributed to a trip to the emergency room. Stay safe out there!




    As our daily life goes on, the harsh reality is that personal property crimes and assaults continue throughout the year. A trip to a mall  or public space could be a “ bad trip” if you don’t take some common sense precautions to protect yourself. If you have to park far away in the lot, try to be under a light post. I never take a straight line to or from my vehicle. Take a wide stagger pattern to your car alternating left and right directions, which will allow you to use your peripheral vision to detect a follower(s). Have your keys at the ready but one more tip from me is to have some self defense products on hand and ready to deploy. If necessary I would say there is a passive and aggressive approach to this. The passive approach would be a mini personal alarm that could be set off if you perceived danger from a distance. This could startle the threat and alert others you are in trouble and even give you time to run if need necessary. I f you are wrong about the threat, was anyone hurt from a little noise?

    The more aggressive approach would be the threat closes the distance to where you are still safe but subject to attack. A good pepper spray would come into play here. Some sprays with a stream pattern can be effective as far as 15-20 feet away. Take time to learn the proper sprays for each situation and how to use them. There are different nozzles for different effects. The stream spray I mentioned should be aimed at the face and sprayed in a figure S pattern.

    A last resort if the attacker closes and takes a grasp of you is where  a stun gun would be useful. The modern stun guns are small and powerful and if used right will be effective on most people .The key is knowing where to attack and being ruthless in your attack until the threat is neutralized. You need to know the targets on the body to be effective like the muscle mass areas of chest, thighs or abdomen.

    A package of all three types of products could be purchased for under $50. Most people pay more for their cell phone and my bet is your personal safety has more value.


    There is one very interesting product in my line that might puzzle many people as what its typically used for is the mirror hidden camera with built in DVR. The most logical use would be as a nanny cam in a bedroom or bathroom.There are other uses I could think of in places where employment  are  subject to surveillance under the rules of their employment with  fixed  cameras already being used in the workplace. The count room of a casino or bank facility or other facility with a potential for theft. The employ might think a place to commit a theft is  out of the view of a camera such as the break room, locker room  or bathroom.This would be a practical place to install such a camera with proper placement as to avoid privacy issues.Next time your look in the mirror you might second guess it but like locks, such devices are designed to keep honest people honest.



    You like to walk in the park but your mobility is limited so you use a walking stick to aid you. Maybe you just like to carry a stick because you like to whack at the leaves on your walk. Why be vulnerable if someone up to know good decides to take advantage of someone perceived as an easy target. Take the upper hand and stick it to them with the Hike And Strike 950,000 Volts Walking cane should danger rear its ugly head.Its simple practical defense for everyone so be safe  and let us help.


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